The Best Accessories for Your Hoverboard

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Decking out your hoverboard is a great idea because you may be able to protect it better and you may even extend its use. While your board can go even without accessories, you might find that buying a carry case makes sense for transporting it when your battery dies down. Of course, buying safety equipment is always a great idea, even if you are already an expert on the hoverboard.

So if you have found the perfect hoverboard, here are the next things that you may add to your shopping list.

The Best Hoverboard Accessories

1. Carrying Bags

There are quite a few options for a carrying bag, and the first thing that you need to consider when choosing one is the size. Hoverboards come in different sizes, and so do the bags. While you might not see the point of buying a bag for something that you will ride anyways, wait until you run out of battery for the first time and then you will realize the hassle of carrying that weight around in your arms. With a bag, your hands stay free and the weight gets distributed.
Some recommended bags include the CPS Camo Self-Balancing Scooter Bag. This is a great choice because it comes in various sizes, so whatever your hoverboard is, you can find the right bag for it. Another option is the FunAce Hoverboard bag, which will fit the biggest 10-inch boards out there.

2. Bumpers

As a beginner, you can expect to have some accidents along the way. This is also normal if you like to do tricks on your hoverboard. When this happens, you can expect your board to have some scratches, which is why you should invest in some bumpers. Basically, they are scratch protectors, and if you want to protect your board, then this is a good investment.

The Go Glide Carbon Fiber Look protector strips can simply be stuck on the top of the arches of your board’s wheels and on the front and rear, basically the parts that are vulnerable to a fall. The material is also much better than just plastic film.

Another option is the Scoovy Replacement Bumper, which protects the top of the wheel’s arches only as they are for hoverboards that have a rubber bumper on the back.

3. Hoverboard Cart

If you want to add a twist to your hoverboard, then invest in a cart and take a whole new ride on it. From standing up the entire time, you now have a seat that turns it into a go-kart. Moreover, it makes the gadget safer for kids.

4. Hoverboard Skins

Skins are a way to individualize your board with the style of your choice. Some of these also claim to protect the board itself, but in reality, it is really mostly for decoration. MightySkins provides you a wide variety of designs to choose from.

5. Protective Gear

It is always a great idea to invest in a helmet and other safety gear. As you are learning how to balance and use the hoverboard, you will not regret this decision. You can then invest in a knee, elbow, or wrist guard that even comes with a built-in splint. Kids can also find other protective gear designed for them.

Accessories are worth every penny, especially when they protect or prolong the life of your hoverboard. As these things are not cheap, you can consider them a worthwhile investment to protect your board at all times.

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